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List Lesson 6 - Finding Content For Your List

Content is the key to making sales and building a relationship with your list. You can write the content yourself or you can buy pre-written autoresponder sequences in some niches.

These are a great starting point but you really need to re-write them in order for them to be effective.

Think about it, when you are searching for information you tend to visit a number of different websites and subscribe to a number of different lists. If you find those lists sending you exactly the same messages, what would you think?

It wouldn’t be positive, would it?

You need to jumble around the sequence of messages and to re-write them to make them yours. Give them a personality and make them something interesting to read.

Most pre-written autoresponder sequences tend to be very bland and vanilla flavoured because they have been written for maximum appeal. By customising them you are instantly going to stand out from the crowd and your autoresponder sequence will get more attention.

You can also use articles, either those that you have written or from article directories. The latter is not the best option available to you because most article directories insist you include the resource box and details of where the article came from.

You can get great content from article directories, but do you really want to be advertising someone else’s products and website in your autoresponder? Probably not is the answer.

One thing you can do is invite guest writers into your autoresponder sequence. Find experts in the field (both on and offline) and get them to write you an article. In this case, you don’t mind promoting them (usually through an affiliate link) because you are aligning yourself with the expert in the minds of your readers, which can only be a good thing.

Product reviews are also very beneficial to use with your list, particularly if you are comparing two products with each other. Product reviews work well if you are honest and point out the negative points of a product.

Don’t be frightened to say something in your review like, “Despite the fact that many other people are peddling this product, I wouldn’t recommend you buy it because …” and then give a good reason why. Then you recommend a product that doesn’t have the bad points of this product.

Doing this will help your reputation immensely because your readers will know you are not someone who sells rubbish, but someone who will look out for their list and sell them good quality products.

You can compare two products as well with different prices. A product comparison review works well and will give you a higher conversion rate. More people will buy because some will buy the cheaper product and others the more expensive. It gives people two options.

With product reviews you have to be honest and accurate. Don’t say a product is good if it isn’t because you are going to ruin the relationship you have built with your list. You really should review every product personally before you send it on to your list.

You can also use content from your own products or from private label rights products that allow you to use the content on the Internet.

This is a great way of demonstrating the value of your product. Obviously, you don’t give away too much, but enough for them to realise that your product is something they need to have.

You can use your autoresponder to send out a training course as content. This would be a multi-part course teaching people about a subject. Naturally, this is monetized by promoting your own or other affiliate products.

This will sell products very well if the content is good and the products you recommend add a lot of value to the training program.

Your content is very important for your list, it will help determine how much you earn from them. If you provide poor quality content, you are going to get a poor response from your list and a lot of people unsubscribing.

Good quality, unique content that provides value to your readers will help you build that relationship with them. Your content is all that they see in order to get to know you, so it has to help in building that relationship of trust. Your content needs to establish you as an expert in the field so you can move into the position of trusted adviser with them. This will help your sales significantly.

Either write the content yourself or outsource it to a professional writer, but ensure that it is good quality and that your readers will enjoy it and view you as an expert from it. Focus on building that relationship and it will pay off in the long term.