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Lesson #5 - Getting Traffic With Viral Marketing

Viral marketing is another very, very effective way to get traffic, and one that people don’t seem to use as much these days as they used to in the past. It is still very effective and will send you a lot of good quality traffic.

A viral product is one that people pass on to their friends. The product has your links and information in promoting your websites and driving traffic to them.

A well written viral product can send thousands of visitors to your website a day and can continue to send visitors to you for months on end.

The key to succeeding with viral marketing is to make something that people want to pass on to their friends. This means it needs to be funny, informative or useful, or any combination of these.

It also needs to be easy to pass on. Don’t make your visitors have to jump through hoops in order to send your viral product on. Make it as easy as clicking a button and they will send it on and your product will go viral.

There are viral products that make you fill in forms, provide email addresses and generally mess you around before you can send on the viral product. These are the products that fail. People are busy and don’t want to have to click through lots of screens in order to send something on to their friends.

Think about things that you have passed on to your friends in the past. How easy were they to send on and why did you send them on? This will give you an insight into the viral product.

If the product can be made brandable, i.e. filled with the affiliate links of the person sending it on, then you will be even more successful because they will try to distribute your product far and wide because they can earn from it.

One of the best examples of a viral product is SEO Made Easy. I am sure you’ve seen a copy of it in your travels online, but if not you can find it from a quick Google.

This was a massive book, over 120 pages, which was freely available. Anyone could get hold of it and give it to anyone
they wanted for no fee. You could also brand the book with your affiliate link and earn from any sales made from the product.

All of these was done very easily with a couple of mouse clicks and no trouble for you.

The book itself was an incredible tome about SEO and was for a long time considered a definitive work on search engine optimization. It told you how to optimize your site for the search engines manually and then demonstrated a software tool that automated most of it for you.

It was a very effective viral product and for years every new marketer would own a copy of it and promote it to their list or use it in a giveaway.

This is an example of a very effective viral marketing product. There are a lot more examples, just have a look around and you will see them. Facebook is another excellent example of viral marketing – look at the applications and how they almost force you to promote them virally!