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Lesson #1 - Traffic Explained In Simple Terms...

Traffic really is the most important thing for your Internet business. If you have no traffic to your website, then you have no business. It doesn’t matter how exciting or groundbreaking or incredible your website is, without traffic it is worthless.

Imagine if you were to open a shop offline; a bricks and mortar business.

Would you open it in a place where you knew very few people passed by?

Of course you wouldn’t. It would be committing commercial suicide if you did!

Offline businesses thrive on passing traffic seeing the shop and coming in. Your website is the same; it needs traffic and people seeing the website in order for it to make money.

Generating sustainable website traffic is one of the main keys to succeeding as an Internet Marketer. If you can’t generate this traffic, then you are going to struggle to make money online.

The key is to make the traffic sustainable so that every day of every week of every month you get people coming to your website. Of course, there will be seasonal downturns such as Christmas, Thanksgiving and other holidays where people are not near their computers.

Of course, having any random Joe visiting your website isn’t the ideal situation. What you really want is targeted traffic. That is, people who are interested in your subject matter. This makes it much easier for you to sell to them from your website.

If you can crack the key to sustainable, targeted traffic, then you have a very good chance of making it online. Naturally, this is providing you can produce products that are in demand and sell.

This course is designed to help you to crack this key and generate sustainable, targeted traffic to your websites.

The success of it relies upon you though. You can watch this course a hundred times, but if you don’t take any action on what you learn form it then you won’t generate the traffic.

I will urge you to take action and implement what you are learning in this course because it will help to make sure you succeed online. The majority of marketers who fail online are those who do not take action.

The techniques in this course can help you to ride high in the search engines, but ONLY if you implement them. The course is presented in a very easy to understand manner and has a lot of information in it, so you may want to take notes as you watch the videos.

Remember, the key to success is within you – you can succeed online, all it takes is action!